Bog Oak

Bog Oak

Quercus spp./ Oak, subfossil

Indication of origin
Density of the wood ρ (by MC ~ 6-8%)
~ 700 kg/ m³
Hardness of the wood ( Brinell HB˾)
~ 30 N/ mm²
Shrinkage of wood β[%/ΔMC%] axial βl /radial βr /tangential βt
~ 5-10 %
Characteristics of the wood

Bog oak is more than 4000 - 6000  years old. At that time, the oak tree was falling in the bog and were protected againt rottening. By environmental influence that logs "survived" and changed their color. Nowadays, there are areas beside of big river in Europe, where such logs are found some meters underneath the ground. In order to manufactureany wooden floor, it needs a lot of experience and knowledge to process that subfossile Wood into floors. On one Hand the appearance of bog oak floor is rather mysthic, but on the other Hand that almost black color is also very modern.

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