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Philosophy – About us

The beauty of wood is our Passion - its diversity of shapes requires our effort.

Corresponding to the demand of our clients we select the best suitable wood for each floor. It is our environmental concern to cooperate with nature in a respectful manner. We take care not only of high quality, but also of an optimized output using this valuable raw material. No useful piece of wood that had been growing for more than 100 years should be deformed due to pressure in time.

Our products represent richness of evolution and respect for the long grown wood.

The beauty of an old log reflected in our natural wooden floors as well as its unique character. Our floors represent calmess and character. It is our belief that this is the outcome of a production process based on time and manual labour. We use special machines - contrary to the market of mass production. Some of them have especially been developed for us. That´s how we can react to individual demands of our clients.

The finishing of surfaces is our speciality.
In harmonious interaction with the natural components of the wood we are able to achieve nearly any tonality and shading. This offers the possibility of creating an almost infinite range of profound and natural colours based deep inside the wood. We call it "True Colour".

We keep learning - despite of our decades-long experience with wood. Our long-term staff has been working on improving the quality of our natural wooden floors continuously.

The advantages for our clients

  • From the log to the final floor: The entire process is controlled by each responsible member of our Network. You will get it from a single source.
  • Our floors are unique because of exclusive quality, durability and stability of value.
  • We offer a large range of modern colours and surfaces.
  • We can meet almost any wish due to individual production in our manufactories.
  • We offer an attractive price-performance ratio.
  • Our clients have been relying on us - for more than one decade.
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