Topstyle surface: COLLIN #02

Natural dried effect of the surface without the marks of the band saw Color: Oak in GREY DARK

Spiral staircase: bespoken treatboard& riser in oak adapted to metall stair- strings

InfraRot (IR) - Paneel CELSIUS

Heizung& Entfeuchtung

Panel "Square& stripe" in Oak, 3-colors

Historic hotel/ Krakow

Herringbone in oak "dark& light"

Historic hotel/ Krakow

Herringbone in oak "antique light" with frisian in bog oak

historic hotel/ Krakow

pattern "Square& stripe" in Oak "Antique light"

Historic hotel in Krakow

Cross- grain floor in Larch

Historic hotel/ Krakow

Historic panel done in oak& bog oak

Project in Krakow/ Poland - Hotel, 2019 Historical room size of panel: 20 x 600 x 600 [mm] Product: Panel from "adged oak", matty oiled. Narrow frame done in smoked oak. The almost black "Star/ thorne" is done from real bog oak ( approx. 5.000 years old fossil oak). 

Ash Reykjavik

Reduction of contrast in color between the light sapwood and the dark parts of the core at the European Ash.

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