Terrace floor SIPO PLATIN SLIM

Wooden terrace floor body built from aluminium profile -slim construction

Terrace floor SIPO PLATIN FLEX

Wooden terrace floor above aluminium body - flexible adjustment of height by "legs"

metall - surface

Oak 1-strip boards with metal surface

Terrace floor: combination of woode with Aluminium base

Sipo/ Platin, here: surface by Soap & Picture of object: done by FSC - TEAK

Panel in original pattern of "Versailles"

Black Walnut

Project: "Flamed" Oak and Herringbone SELECT RIFT white

Special surface: "flamed" Oak/ "roasted oak"


Terrace floor with attractive Color PLATIN

Black Walnut PLATIN

Process in modifying the Color of Walnut: 2 Color variations

Herringbone: Mysthic effect

Mysthic effect due to altering the reflexion of the light and the texture of wood

Design- parquet: Block & Diamond

endless installation of designed floor "block& diamond"

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