pattern MANSION WEAVE in color GREY DARK

Pattern, called Mansion Weave is installed "endless", at which each small element is fixed separately. That means that  this floor can be adapted from size easily to each kind of geometry of different rooms. That Installation is difficult to be done professional and require very skilled fitters.

BOg oak: fossile type of wood more than 5000 years old

Such dark Colored boards, we processed from bog oak during spring 2017. The Color is rather dark due to that long-termed influence of acid, minerals and water.

OAK - huge VENEER LOGEICHE: Treasue of our nature

Usually we are working directed from the sleected log towards the bespoken wooden floor. We are looking, choosing, selecting such logs within the famous forest areas inside Europe.


We started another new product, called "OAK CORE SPECIAL". CONSTRUCTION of those wide boards are 20/5 x falling widths from 200 - 400 x falling lengths from 2.000 - 2.400+ [mm].  Character: strong boards with unique Feature. 3 interesting Colors and a Treatment either "cross"-brushed or strong brushed.

Surface: "CROSS"- Brushing

 Product range: OAK CORE SPECIAL     APPLICATION: RAW EFFECT, matty lacquered     Treatment: CORSS-Brushing: It means both a very deep but soft brushing of oak pores in length direction, but also crosswise. By that, we achieve an "used look", which is also very hard and resistant versus wear marks.

ECOLINE limited - engineered parquet in 3 trendy colors

"ECOLINE limited" is a brand new economic collection by Topstyle Flooring, compiled in 3 Colors: 1) RAW EFFECT, brushed& matty lacquered 2) COPENHAGEN, brushed& oxidative oiled and 3) GREY DARK, brushed& oiled. All 3 colors are applied at the same high level of quality, as surface of  TOPSTYLE are kown. ECOLINE limited is available in 3 widths 155/ (185)/ 245 mm and in the grading "nice rustic", which means a natural color and structure of oak, no sapwood, knots and partly...

Wooden panel "VERSAILLES", made in oak, "smooth disstressed", oiled in color "grey 33"

Panel type: VERSAILLES.   Special Treatment: "smooth disstressed"; Manual sanding on single element: edges and sulightly the surface. Veryfine haptic/ touch.   Special Color: Grey 33  ( according to own secret recipe), oxidative oiled

New Label of Topstyle Flooring

For the last 15 years, we were represented visually by our old and well-proven label Topstyle Flooring. Now it was time to alter our outfit a bit, when we renewed our website and published our new image folder. Yes, we have had to be forced slightly by our graphic designer Margarete to agree on that. Now we are happy about her perpetual nagging. Thanks a lot, Margarete! Our new image brochure will bring you some important issues closer by the right meaning of determined colors &...

FLAT & WIDE: Solid wide boards, but in 12mm thickness

From time to time we are confronted with requests for wooden floors in extreme dimensions. Lengths up to 10m and more, widths of boards with more than half a meter… Yes, keeping precisely production rules and a certain thickness of the construction: then until today, it was mostly possible to find a sophisticated solution in wooden floor. However, to produce wide boards but only up to 12 mm thickness, seemed to be impossible due to the risk of bending and cupping. After certain...

"Collin" – natural dried surface

„Collin“ – our briefly developed surface, which affects both the impression and the feeling. Depend of the structure, wood is shrinking respectively swelling in different manners. Especially close to knots and cracks from the center, the natural drying process provoke a lifting & dropping of the wooden surface similar to a Collin landscape. “Collin” is shaped by the nature, not fudged though mechanical intervention. Manual treatment emphasizes this effect and...

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